old vine cafe, how i love thee so.

as stella’s birthday dinner approached, she and i decided we needed to finalize the menu plan (er, well kind of finalize) and just have some good ol’ face time. when she and i get together, the conversation is naturally tons of fun and filled with laughter, and it is almost always done over a fantastic meal.

as plans for pinot provence ended up falling through, we had to put our heads together to figure out a new meeting spot. in the end, we decided on old vine cafe, located at the camp in costa mesa. i had been here once before when we took my mom out for her birthday brunch, and the menu was super solid. it’s such a quaint setting, and i love the crunchiness of the whole atmosphere.

they do have a few tasting menus for dinner, but in the end we decided to just pick a few small plates and do work on a couple of glasses of vino

first up, the mac and cheese with porcini mushrooms:

i am a huge sucker for mac and cheese. this one was super legit. stella and i were both trying to break down the flavors of this dish, as it may make an appearance on the menu this saturday.  the porcinis definitely made the dish, and the pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente. nomz.

shrimp with curry sauce:

these bad boys were gigantic. nicely grilled shrimp with a light curry sauce. party in my mf’in mouth for sure. 

ravioli with duck mf’in filling:

gahdamn, this thing was out of this world. it looks so simple, yet the flavor profile of the filling was so complex. also, i just like the fact that it’s just one big ass ravioli. kinda cute. 

lamb chops in some tasty ass sauce with fried yucca shavings:

i tend to order lamb whenever it is available just for the fact that it is such a rare occasion that i get to eat it. lamb can be a very gamey meat, but i have been lucky to have eaten lamb that was prepared extremely well. the lamb preparation at old vine was super on point, and the meat was perfectly medium rare. the sauce paired with the crunchy yuca shavings were the icing on the cake. 

though i’m not a huge dessert fan, whenever i eat out with stella, i feel this obligation to get at least one in order to make the meal whole. 

bread pudding:

tasty as hell and not over the top sweet, which is just right up my alley when it comes to dessert. definitely ‘bout it, ‘bout it.

bleu cheese cheesecake:

both stella and i have pretty extensive palettes, so when we saw this dessert, we immediately said that we had to try it. the end result was, well… let’s just say the flavor was interesting. to be more precise, stella said that it tasted like “cheesecake turned bad.” i mean, it wasn’t terrible, but i honestly might as well have shoved a spoonful of refrigerated bleu cheese dressing in my mouth.

oh, costa mesa, i suppose you do have a small piece of my heart. i guess i can forgive the fact that you’re practically on the border of south county. ha!

- small fry

old vine cafe

2937 bristol street, suite a102  
costa mesa, ca 92626

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